A New Updated Website….Sigh of Relief


A Shiny New Website!

The Importance of Having a Great Website

I think having a website that serves you as an artist is one of the most important things you will spend time on as an artist who is serious about being a business. A website gives your fans and people that are interested in you a place to find out more about you personally, about your working methods as well as your challenges and inspirations. It allows you to show your work to people who can’t see it in real life, and gives them a chance to see it before it’s even exhibited to the rest of the world.

Having a newsletter on the website and encouraging people to join it, lets you share interesting news with them, give them special deals and offers that non-subscribers will not get or see and lets people stay in touch with you on a more personal level. It also gives them sneak peeks into your life as an artist as well as the first chance to offer to buy your work, before anyone else.

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A blog on the website is a great place to share stories, knowledge and even gain inspiration from others. It’s a place to share your knowledge about art and how to go about buying, displaying and getting the most out the art you chose to decorate your home with. It’s also a comfortable space to have a bit of fun with and bring joy to people through inspirational imagery too.

I have moved away from a very dark looking website that was not very user friendly, to a lighter, cleaner and much more easily navigated site…I hope! Let me know if you have anything to say about it in my guestbook!:)