Jessica Ballantyne’s Painting a Day for 30 Days- Day #23

Jessica Ballantyne’s Painting a Day for 30 Days- Day #23, Seeding


Daily Painting challenge number 23. This painting is made up of a strange column-like structure made up of body parts; boobs, buttocks and hints of arms and wings (?). Could be. A very warm and vibrant piece with lots of lime green and yellow. It reminds me of the moment right before an insect takes off. Except for the buttocks being firmly rooted in their place 😉 Here is “Seeding”, I named it thus because of the seed of life geometric symbol at the top as well as it reminding me of a seed pod about to burst and dispurse it’s seeds everywhere 🙂

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Surreal, Twisted, Surfboard Art

Surreal, Twisted, Surfboard Art

Progress of the vibrant, acrylic and oil painting I am working on!

I decided to get these two amazing, near perfect condition surfboards out of the attic and paint something you wouldn’t usually see on a surfboard. This is my progress of the first one!

I lived in Durban, South Africa for four years of my teenage life and , although I was a bit of a goth, I would still go the beach pretty often (even if it was in my black polar neck and baggy pants – I thought I looked cool but I think I just looked hot, and not the good kind of hot). I loved watching the waves, the people and the surfers and feeling the sand between my toes and fresh air in my hair…

I loved the sea, I still do, and it felt like a tropical paradise living near the sea. There was such a wealth of trees and exotic flowers and so much green! Not like the green deserts (what I call crops) in the UK that are sprayed to avoid damaging insect life, but green trees and bushes full of insects and creatures….and monkeys! That’s what I remember. So, in a way this surfboard fine art piece is dedicated to that kind of vibe; a fertile, lush and green fleshy totem of the feeling I get when I think of the sea in South Africa.

Of course, on looking at the surfboard, one can read other things into the painting like eroticism, sexuality and fetish object too.


I’m not sure what you see (you can tell me in the comments if you like).

Enough about that here are some pics of the process….








This is the first layer done in acrylic paint, today I move on to the oil paint layer so hopefully it will be a vibrant and shimmering piece once its finished!