Yale Radio Interview with Brainard Carey


I’m pretty excited about my first radio interview with Brainard Carey from Yale radio. In it, I speak about the Sacred Nude mixed media fine art series as well as the inspiration behind the work, my Kundalini experience and my new series : Kaleidoscopes.

Sacred Nude was inspired by a mediation weekend workshop with Dr Joe Dispenza. The weekend was magical, with talks about neuroscience and how meditation affects the brain and body in the most unbelievable ways. That I left feeling rather excited is an understatement. I realised the potential for meditation to change your life. The sacred nude series is a celebration of the joys and struggles associated with calming the mind through meditation. Sacred Nude speaks about the bliss state as well as the apparent hold the ego has on the mind and sometimes the body too. The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol which in these mixed media artworks, reflect the pure wisdom and love that is found within us all.

Please enjoy the radio interview with Brainard Carey, founder of Praxis and a lead figure in helping to share the world of artists with the public as well as being a creative force himself and helping many artists achieve stability in an ever-changing art market.

Click the button below to listen to the short interview 🙂