Sacred Nude artworks and poetry by Francesca Simonelli

Sacred Nudes

In the days leading up to my first solo show: Sacred Nude, I have asked poet and writer Francesca Simonelli to respond to my Sacred Nude drawings. What she did completely blew my mind away! Every day until the show opens I will post some of her very special, moving and inspiring poetry for you to enjoy.

Francesca Simonelli‘s poems have touched me and many others for many years and I was over the moon when Francesca agreed to write some words in response to the Sacred Nude series of artworks. Sacred Nude was inspired by a meditation practice that resulted in the healing of body and mind. I wanted to create a series that was dedicated to my meditation practice and the joy (and struggles) I encountered therein.

Exhibition opening: 22 September 2018, 6-9pm

Opening times: 1-5pm every Saturday until 20 October 2018

Inspiring and creative workshops each Saturday


Retreat Yoga Studio

367 New Cross Road

London, SE14 6AT

See home page to RSVP

Francesca’s poetry is the most perfect companion to these Sacred Nude artworks. She speaks of presence, feminine power, sexuality and love.



Split me

Divide me

Open me

Unify me

Patterns become me

Creator can hide me

In plain sight…

Merge and collide me

Divinity underlies me –

You cannot deny me

Or declassify me.

Just try to demystify me

See that you will quickly

Glorify me

Ignite me.

Recognize me

Deify me

Vilify me

Lullaby me

Magnify me

Liquefy me

Multiply me

I am dark queen

I am the darkness of light

Lilith of the night

You have no chance in this fight…

I refuse to submit

Or blindly gratify.

I am amplified and fortified

I am chaos organized.

I am fertility

And creation

Birth and annihilation

I am open devastation

Cellular division

Peer inside me.

Ride me

Abide in me

Enter me

Emerge from me

Stand beside me

Or above me

And below me

Rise within me

I am mystery

And whimsy

Precision and pandemonium…

I am algorithmic and geometric

Poetic and fractal

Numerical and symbolic

I am woman

I am Pi

I am sanctified

And sublime.

I am written in tongues

And chemical symbols

Scientific and ceremonial

Rubric and ritualistic

I am digits and frequencies

Invisible yet very present

Visual and yet unseen.

Formulas and defiance

I am the ultimate contradiction

Living paradox

I am not quickly solved

Yet I am as complexly simple as can be

The most difficult of riddles

Come reflect with Sphinx

And Me….


I am spoken to life

By my very own voice

Birthed by Goddess

Guided by Providence

Matrix created

And infinitely multiplying