Jessica Ballantyne’s Painting a Day for 30 Days- Day #25, Rapunzel

Jessica Ballantyne’s Painting a Day for 30 Days- Day #25, Rapunzel

Rapunzel- Inktense on canvas

Painting a day challenge number 25, only five more to go! This daily painting is called “Rapunzel”. Rapunzel was born out of flowey lines and a feeling of monumentality. She seems to tower over everything. Well that’s the impression I get of her:) So here is the whimsical “Rapunzel” in all her greenish blue glory, but first a short paragraph from the story of Rapunzel from the Brothers Grimm:

“Rapunzel grew into the most beautiful child under the sun. When she was twelve years old, the enchantress shut her into a tower in the middle of a forest. The tower had neither stairs nor door, but near the top was a little window. When the enchantress wanted to go in, she placed herself beneath it and cried:

‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel,
Let down your hair to me.’

Rapunzel had magnificent long hair, fine as spun gold, and when she heard the voice of the enchantress, she unfastened her braided tresses, wound them round one of the hooks of the window above, and then the hair fell twenty ells down, and the enchantress climbed up by it.” Rapunzel, Brothers Grimm


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