Sacred Nude: Solo Show and Workshop Event Opens this Saturday 22 Sept


Hi Art Lover,

Sacred Nude: Solo and Workshop Event opens this Saturday! I’m brimming with excitement and nerves as I finalise last minute details for my first little solo show…. I almost can’t believe it’s finally happening as I’ve been dreaming it up for over a year now. What a crazy and wonderful time it has been, with many challenges and mental blocks that I have had to overcome to move through.

The catalogues of Sacred Nude art and poetry by the lovely Francesca Simonelli are on their way to me and I can’t wait to see the physical manifestation of all the digital work we did on it. Thank you to those special people who helped with that!!

There is still time to get a special edition (5 left) these will be signed and come with vinyl stickers of some of the Sacred Nudes and Flower of Life mandalas. And a big kiss from me for your support 😉 Get yours!

Catalogues can be picked at the opening or posted to your address one week later by the 29 September- I will be posting internationally too.



A quick reminder about the Sacred Nude show opening:

Saturday 22 September 6-9 PM
Retreat Yoga Studio
367 New Cross Road
London, SE14 6AT

The Saturday workshops

29 September: meditative, mandala-making workshop.
6 October: Art Therapy with Eden O Shoro,
13 October: Life Drawing with Niel Venter and Life Drawing Gymnasia
20 October: Expressive Movement with Eden O Shoro and other professionals.

To learn more about the workshops click the link below. Workshops are restricted in size so please book ahead, the workshops are £5 (bargain!)

To RSVP or to book a workshop click the link below…

Sacred Nude: A Solo Exhibition and Workshop Event by Jessica K Ballantyne

First Solo Exhibition by Jessica K Ballantyne,

Curated by Maimuna Adam

In her “Sacred Nude” (2018) series, Jessica K Ballantyne presents morphed female bodies, at once multiple and singular, in a dialogue with the Flower of Life, an ancient and supposedly sacred, geometric symbol. For Ballantyne, the Flower of Life becomes an emblem of an ethereal self, an energy found outside the physical body.

Noting the symbol’s appearance throughout sacred sites and temples throughout the world and in the research by, amongst others, Leonardo Da Vinci, it is used to bring a sense of stability and peace through symmetry. Ballantyne feels that creating and having Sacred Geometry within eyesight can serve as a conscious and subconscious reminder of its creative, healing energy. The bodies in the Sacred Nude series are either turning towards the Flower of Life or away from it, but the symbol remains a source of light.

The artist’s fascination with the Flower of Life stems from her contact, not only with the metaphysical qualities of Sacred Geometry, but also through her research into meditation and neuroscience. The Flower of Life thus became a symbol of divine wisdom and healing change that can be achieved through self-reflection or meditation.

The Sacred Nudes are bodies that are naked, surrounded or framed by lush drapery inspired by classical nudes within the Western cannon of female beauty. Using bodies familiar to her, Ballantyne subtly questions her own ego and attachment to the body. As a South African woman, of Rhodesian, English and Scottish descent, growing up in Apartheid and post-Apartheid South Africa, her nudes inevitably tell us more than the artist would initially lead us to believe. These are bodies are simultaneously presented to us as light while not negating the darker places of the soul; the ego mind and the fears associated with inhabiting a temporary, material body in a politically and socially unstable country. The Sacred Nudes subtly confront the Western cannon of beauty by distorting and disfiguring the bodies whilst simultaneously placing them within a ‘safe’ space where the light of wisdom or truth in the form of the Flower of Life can envelope them.

“As humans we have been bombarded with imagery of women. Unfortunately many of these images teach us to constantly view ourselves from the outside, as bodies and objects without subjectivity and presence. I rebel against this limiting portrayal of women and invite the viewer into a private, psychological space where I manipulate the physical body to speak about presence, transcending the ego and letting go of attachments to the body and mind.” – Jessica K. Ballantyne

The Exhibition

Sacred Nude is a free, solo exhibition of eleven mixed-media drawings by Jessica K Ballantyne, combining the nude with a surreal twist, a distortion and doubling of bodies alongside Sacred Geometry.

The exhibition celebrates the psychological, spiritual and the divine feminine and was a tribute to a meditation experience the artist had during a progressive workshop with neuroscientist and author Dr Joe Dispenza.


Saturday 22 September 2018 at 6-9pm.

EXHIBITION CONTINUES:  Saturdays from 13:00 to 17:00 until 20th October.


The solo show and workshops will be hosted by the delightful Retreat Yoga Studio.


Retreat Yoga Studio, 367 New Cross Road, London, SE14 6AT

The box-framed, Sacred Nude drawings will be available ( A1 size without frame) as well as hand finished, framed and unframed, signed, diamond dusted prints.

The exhibition includes workshops in mandala making, therapeutic creative arts, expressive arts and life drawing every Saturday.

All workshops need to be pre-booked as there are limited spaces available. Book online via the button below…

Jessica-K-Ballantyne_Sacred-Nude_Mindless Mindful_59.4 x 84.1 cm_mixed-media-on-paper.jpgJessica-K-Ballantyne_Sacred-Nude_Mindless Mindful_59.4 x 84.1 cm_mixed-media-on-paper.jpg






Metamorphosis: A Group Exhibition


A Group Exhibition exploring themes in Franz Kafka’s novel; Metamorphosis




Opening THIS Friday 2 October 6-9pm!

I’m very excited about The Tunnel’s up coming show, our third group exhibition as a collective! Metamorphosis is a fine art exhibition which is based on Franz Kafka’s novella of the same name.

Artists in the exhibition include:

Jamie Stanton
Chris Paul Godber
Jessica Ballantyne
Lauren Mele
Julie Ann
Genevieve Leavold
Mathew Tudor
Elena Dimitrova
Mervyn Diese
Robyn Litchfield

If you are in the area, please do come along and support the artists!:)

The story revolves around a dutiful man who, overnight, transforms into a giant bug. All ten artists involved have interpreted the theme a little differently, for some of us our usual art work has elements of the kinds of themes present in the book; isolation, transformation, decay, the body, the grotesque, surrealism, etc.

I am making collage/box art objects. They are more sculptural but include photography, textiles and sculptural elements.
The ‘ box houses’ I have made are inspired by the fact that much of the story takes place in the main character’s room where he is a kind of prisoner- in his body as well as the space.
My art objects or “Domestic Dissections” reveal something of the inner world of thoughts,emotions and identity. I will also be showing my painting; Legs that Go, which hasn’t been shown in a gallery setting yet, so that should be interesting!

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Opening Night:This Friday 2 October 6-9pm
runs from
3 October – 6th October


Rum Factory,
Unit 4 Pennington St,

Closest public transport : Shadwell (DLR) and Tower Hill

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