A Painting a Day for 30 Days – Day #2

A Painting a Day for 30 Days – Day #2

I Have a Secret Self

It is the second day, and although I planned to do everything in order for the painting a day (as in 5 still lives, 5 poetry landscapes etc), today I wanted to experiment a little and play with photography involving the projection of carefully chosen words onto the body. This was the result:

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Let me know what you think about it in the comments! If you are an artist and want to join the Facebook group or just an interested art lover looking for inspiration you are very welcome!

About a Painting a Day:

You can read more about why I am doing this and the plan here: A Painting a Day

I plan to split the painting days into five themes;

*5 still lives

*5 poetry landscapes (inspired by my favorite poems)

*5 surreal figures

*5 bodies

*5 automatic paintings

*5 you tell me! (I’ll ask on various social media sites “what do I paint today?’ and paint the first answer (using artistic license of course)

It seems they are going to get mixed up along the way to make it more interesting!:) Sign up to my newsletter to get them in your inbox once a week:)