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Laughter Yoga


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Laughter Yoga

It may seem unrelated to my art, but laughter yoga has become an important part of my practice, helping to bring openess and joy and a sense of community into my life and work

Laughter is certainly the best medicine, reducing stress, promoting healing and releasing feel good and pain reducing hormones, it’s awesome, I love it!!

So whats involved?

Don’t worry, you do not need to be flexible or have a yoga mat. You will need to be able to stand and have space to move your arms around your body.

Laughter yoga involves breathing ,chanting, easy movements and, of course, laughing! ( your neighbors might think you loony but hey ho)

I’ll guide you through some laughter exercises and we will giggle our worries away… weeeeee! 😜

My offering

I’m offering laughter yoga sessions online to bring people together , have a laugh and help raise spirits and a sense of community. I have discovered the amazing benefits of laughter yoga in combating stress and in strengthening the immune system and want to share this with as many people as I can, specially during this crisis.

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What others are saying

I love this! Thanks!! It’s my first time.You had me really laughing!!!

— R. Sherwood

Namste, you really helped me solve something, yoga well it’s to enable a person to help heal both the person and to attain happiness and use that happiness to change the world.

— G. Michael

Jess that was so good, thank you. I’m still giggling now! I cant stop!

— G. Castle

Dude I woke up so depro this morning. The laughter was amazing and I feel much better and I am going around the house clapping : very good, very good Yay!! 🤣🤣🤣

— L. van Rensburg
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