Kleksograph: Online Magazine Devoted to Art and Poetry Exploring the Subconscious

My painting in the second edition of Kleksograph

I came across this very cool and very niche magazine online called Kleksograph which I immediately fell in love with. Not only is the magazine called “Kleksograph” and kleksography is the process of creating images using inkblots (which is what I’ve been exploring in the Animal in Me series) but it’s also full of gorgeous poetry and art that centers around the subconscious and subjectivity.

Laughter Yoga For Creatives

I’ve been exploring ways to feel better during these troubling times and came across laughter yoga during a silent retreat in Portugal a few years ago.

I’ve decided to share the joy of my discovery of laughter yoga with as many people as possible and so, am offering laughter yoga sessions online!

Sacred Nude artworks and poetry by Francesca Simonelli

Sacred Nudes In the days leading up to my first solo show: Sacred Nude, I have asked poet and writer Francesca Simonelli to respond to my Sacred Nude drawings. What she did completely blew my mind away! Every day until the show opens I will post some of her very special, moving and inspiring poetry […]


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