Why Buy My Art?

Top 10 Reasons to Buy My Art

If you need some reasons to invest in some amazing original art here are ten!

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  • 1. Like you, the artwork will be one of a kind and completely unique. You are the only person who will own the original painting which is special because no two paintings are alike.
  • 2. It Improves your quality of life; I know what you are thinking but its true! To be surrounded by art that you find beautiful or meaningful has been proven to increase quality of life by bringing you joy.
  • 3. Expresses your individuality; art is a powerful form of expression and art you love can express anything from your favorite colours , compositions and subject matter to your personal beliefs, feelings, imagination and philosophy.
  • 4. Stimulates conversation; art allows us to see something of ourselves that is not always easily expressed.  Having a Ballantyne on your wall will most definitely spark an interchange of thoughts and feelings between people.
  • 5. I only use the best materials; your painting will last for 100 years without diminishing in quality. I use top quality pigments and the materials for my hand stretched canvases are carefully chosen to ensure quality.
  • 6. You deal with me directly and my focus is  always on you and how to make the experience a joyful, hassle-free one. I answer all emails personally and you are always welcome to come visit me in my studio and see my work in person.
  • 7. Every piece I make is lovingly completed; I spend many hours on research, sketches and photographs before I begin the actual painting, each piece is unique and totally original work of timeless art.
  • 8. Unique subject matter; my art is not just some meaningless splatter or mundane decorative compositions. It reflects something deeper about life and being human. It has soul!
  • 9. Completely individualise YOUR space and make it personal, attractive and original.
  • 10. My art will always be an investment; buy art because you love it! The fact that it will increase in value over time is a bonus. The price of my work is at its all time low and will only increase over time too, so now is a good time to invest in an original Ballantyne oil painting 🙂