Couple’s Portrait Commissions (over 30s only)

Erotic Commission: A sensual experience captured by an artist and reinterpreted into an original oil painting.
What is involved in an Erotic Portrait Commission?

I have been really inspired by the sensational Japanese erotic art called Shunga. Ive been particularly drawn to their use of hemp cnavs to paint on as well as the beautiful textiles and home design of Japan at that time. I rcently offered a (where I draw the couple) and use the resulting imagery to create a one of a kind, erotically charged painting for a couple to celebrate their anniversary.




What is included in the package

I will have regular contact with you via email. During these email conversations you will tell me about what kind of experience or resulting painting you are interested in. Is it for a celebration? is it an anniversary? is it for your wife? Would you like to be drawn together? Would you like to dress up?

Experience being drawn/painted by an artist

Feel at one with your body in the company of your lover

Relax and lunge as an artist sketches your movements

Capture intimate moments between you and your lover with professional photography

A totally unique to you painting in the style of Japanese Shunga