Sacred Nude: Solo Show and Workshop Event Opens this Saturday 22 Sept


Hi Art Lover,

Sacred Nude: Solo and Workshop Event opens this Saturday! I’m brimming with excitement and nerves as I finalise last minute details for my first little solo show…. I almost can’t believe it’s finally happening as I’ve been dreaming it up for over a year now. What a crazy and wonderful time it has been, with many challenges and mental blocks that I have had to overcome to move through.

The catalogues of Sacred Nude art and poetry by the lovely Francesca Simonelli are on their way to me and I can’t wait to see the physical manifestation of all the digital work we did on it. Thank you to those special people who helped with that!!

There is still time to get a special edition (5 left) these will be signed and come with vinyl stickers of some of the Sacred Nudes and Flower of Life mandalas. And a big kiss from me for your support 😉 Get yours!

Catalogues can be picked at the opening or posted to your address one week later by the 29 September- I will be posting internationally too.



A quick reminder about the Sacred Nude show opening:

Saturday 22 September 6-9 PM
Retreat Yoga Studio
367 New Cross Road
London, SE14 6AT

The Saturday workshops

29 September: meditative, mandala-making workshop.
6 October: Art Therapy with Eden O Shoro,
13 October: Life Drawing with Niel Venter and Life Drawing Gymnasia
20 October: Expressive Movement with Eden O Shoro and other professionals.

To learn more about the workshops click the link below. Workshops are restricted in size so please book ahead, the workshops are £5 (bargain!)

To RSVP or to book a workshop click the link below…