The Tunnel at Waterstones; A Tunnel group show curated by Jessica Ballantyne

The Tunnel Artists at Waterstones, Gower street

Curated by Jessica Ballantyne


The time has come! The Tunnel (my art collective) has been invited to show at the new gallery that the Waterstones book store in Gower Street. It’s a brilliant and unique space where we will showcase new work by Tunnel members.

This will be the first show I am curating!

When Opening Night; Friday 3rd March 6;30-8;30

Exhibition continues from 4th March to 12th April

Waterstones opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:30-21:00 Saturday: 8:30-20:00 Sunday: 12- 18:00

Where Waterstones 82 Gower St London WC1E 6EQ

New Paintings for the Exhibition!

I’ve been working intently on She Wolf to get the painting ready in time for The Tunnel at Waterstones art exhibition. I’m super excited to share this oil painting with you, I feel its a rather special painting that marks the beginning of a journey of a new way of painting for me.

For this oil painting I used much looser brushstrokes and wanted to capture an energy in the art work.

I wanted the colours of the paint to be vibrant and pure– many are taken straight form the tube with no mixing. I feel the vibrancy and purity of the colours should reflect something about the nature of the subject in the painting.

I will tell you more about her once the show has opened and I can post pictures of The Tunnel at Waterstones art exhibition:)



She Wolf, oil painting, Jessica BallantyneShe Wolf, oil painting, Jessica Ballantyne

She Wolf, oil painting, Jessica Ballantyne

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