Interzone in Pictures

Interzone:  Exhibition Inspired by Burroughs and the Cut Up Technique


burroughs, cut up technique, dadaist, surrealism, pop up exhibition, Geddes Gallery, kings Cross

This was a collaborative exhibition featuring work created by using the cut-up technique. The artist’s subject is personal to them the only requirement is that they use this technique to create the final work.
The Cut-up technique can be traced back to the poet Tristan Tzara of the Dadaists. It was later used by Gil Wolman of the Letterist International in the 1950’s. It was further developed by the painter Brion Gysin who in turn introduced it to William S. Burroughs at the Beat Hotel in 1959. Burroughs used this method to create the infamous Naked Lunch(1959) and also in the Nova trilogy. William S Burroughs and Brion Gysin published a book entitled The Third Mind in 1977 which featured various cut ups. David Bowie used this technique to create lyrics so did Thom Yorke of Radiohead who used a similar method on the album Kid A(2000).

cut up techniquecut up technique

cut up technique


Chris Godber
Jessica Ballantyne
Mathew Tudor
Mervyn Diese
Jamie Stanton
Lauren Mele
Julie Ann
Mark Rathmell
Monika Tobel
Rebecca Smith
Tracie Angiolini
Jeannette Abi Khalil

The Tunnel collective had a show on 21-22 May 2016 at the superb no longer operating Geddes Gallery- a former Italian Delicatessen, a three story shop and house which had been left as it was since the family vacated the years before. The space is eerie, beautiful and perfect for an exhibition inspired by the Dadaists and Burroughs and the cut up technique. If you missed the exhibition, you really missed out on an experience! From a “lucky dip” basket with gifts of cut up phrases from the novels of Burroughs in a packet for the public to add to existing phrases stuck up all over the gallery, to the video art projected on the top floor, the show was a successful and eclectic mix of performance, video, installation, painting and mixed media works of art.



What I liked most about this show was the solidarity and interpretation of the theme by all the artists involved. I feel truly honoured to be a part of such a talented, interesting and passionate group of artists. This show is not the first and will not be the last so stay tuned to find out more or like our collective art page: The Tunnel(and click on ‘receive notifications’).

So the opening night was a crazy awesome mixture of interesting people and artists from all walks of life. There were bits of cut up text on the walls, floors and an invitation to the public to add to the story by sticking their lucky dip phrases anywhere they chose. This brilliant idea was formed by Tracie Angiolini, who also had an installation piece and an art piece with bullet holes to allude to Burroughs infamous ‘accident’ involving a William Tell style shooting of his wife Joane



We had collage, photomontage and mixed media pieces by Mathew Tudor, Rebecca Smith, Jessica Ballantyne, Monika Tobel , Jeannette Abi Khalil and Jamie Stanton



We had amazing video art by Monika Tobel, Chris Paul Godber, Mark Rathmell, Jamie Stanton,Jeannette Abi Khalil here is the collection:

The amazing, dilapidated space lent itself to some interesting installation pieces by Jeannette Abi Khalil, along the walls of the spiralling staircase, Jessica Ballantye against the wall by the second door and Mervyn Syna who had the old kitchen to set up his drug infused amalgamation of textures and words and video. Monika Tobel had her paintings amongst the peeling wall paper on the second floor.

See the photo album on Facebook here:

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