Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair 2014

Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair 2014


The 11th annual Art Car Boot Fair in Brick Lane that happened a couple of weeks ago was fabulous!


“The Art Car Boot Fair is an original idea by Karen Ashton and has been developed by Karen and her sister Helen Hayward since our first event in 2004 in London. It was an idea that grew out of a desire to pick up where Joshua Compston’s ‘Fete Worse than Death’ and Gavin Turk’s ‘Livestock Market’ and Articultural Shows’ blazed a trail in the 90’s and to re-introduce some summer fun and frivolity into a thriving but increasingly commercial London art scene. We aim for the Art Car Boot Fair to be a day when the artists let their hair down and for all-comers to engage with art in a totally informal way, and to pick up some real art bargains to boot! Participation in the Art Car Boot Fair is by invitation and referral by original ‘booters’ only”

See more on their website here

It was my first time there as part of the Cultivate Evolved team and it was awesome! Check out the short video below:


It was super sunny and the vibe was one of arty excitement that one can only get in a car park full of colourful artists on a sunny day in London :).

Here are some pics from the day (thanks Sean Worrall!)

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Cultivate Evolved with Jessica Ballantyne


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It was a great day and so sunny too, very grateful to be a part of the experience, thanks to all the members at Cultivate for making it so much fun!

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