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Jessica Ballantyne’s Painting a Day for 30 Days- The Final Five!


Jessica Ballantyne’s Painting a Day for 30 Days- The Final Five!

Take a look at the final five paintings and a couple of lessons learnt

The daily painting challenge is officially over although its taken me a while to post the pictures! I decided to do a painting challenge called a Painting a Day for 30 Days. Well its taken a little longer than 30 days but I have got 30 artworks to show for it. You can read about the start of it here in this post .

I have super enjoyed and hated the daily painting project. I went through stages of excitement, boredom and depression about it! So dramatic;)

I guess the challenge was an internal one and more about getting on with something without listening to the ego voice in your head than about creating 30 paintings in 30 days.

A few things I realised along the way:

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The hurdle was not creating 30 paintings in 30 days, it was and is to overcome my own mind, the feeder of thoughts and ideas but also doubts and insecurities.

The greatest challenge and exhilaration is when I can simply ignore the thoughts, feelings and subtle suggestions that make it appear as though I am stuck, unable to create anything, and discover the total tranquility that is there all the time but shrouded by thought.

So without further a due here are the final five paintings from the painting a day challenge!





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