New Guest Artists At Cultivate Evolved- A Space Run by Artists for Artists

New Guest Artists At Cultivate Evolved

A space run by artists for artists

It’s that time again at Cultivate Evolved , where the eight artists in residence change their walls by hanging new work and the new guest artists will be showing theirs for two weeks. Don’t miss your chance to see some great upcoming artists here at Cultivate Evolved! We have two very interesting, different and super talented guest artists in the space from tomorrow…

Our new guest artists for 13th to 26th February are Jamie Stanton and Samantha Payne. See some of their work below:

Samantha Payne:

Samantha Payne, Cultivate Gallery, art, uk artists

“Samantha Payne is a Fine Artist from North London who focuses on the aesthetic of her work and its engagement with the viewer, rather than concept. The pure pleasure of creating is the driving force behind her painting, along with the belief that Art need not be complicated.”


Jamie Stanton:

Jamie Stanton


Jamie Stanton is a London-based digital artist.

“When our ancestors first etched symbols on blocks of ochre during the Upper Palaeolithic, and recorded for the first time internal thoughts on external media, they didn’t know they were taking the first steps of a fifty thousand year journey to instantaneous planetary communications. From bead necklaces to broadcasting towers, as these technologies evolved so did the cognitive structures that facilitated them. And as our brains transformed, so did the way we perceived the world and in turn how we physically transformed it. The tools we build today to navigate the abyss of information that is the internet are forging new neural pathways in the brain. New forms of symbolic syntax that represent a new layer of cognition; one that will cast shadows millennia long.”

Don’t miss the chance to see these two artists!

Come check out what we are made of and maybe even buy a piece of art or two! We have artworks ranging from £1 to £1000 so there is definitely something for everyone! Join my Art Letter to stay informed 🙂

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