10 Signs you Should Invest in Original Art


10 Signs you Should Invest in Original Art

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  • You love art and would like an original piece but you think it costs a fortune

If you go to top end galleries then yes the art is most likely to cost you a pretty penny. If you go to smaller, local galleries, artist run spaces like Cultivate Evolved and art fairs, however, you can get beautiful, original art from as little as £5….crazy right! Obviously bigger pieces and paintings done with oils (like mine) will cost a lot more but some artists (like me) can arrange small monthly payments so you can own the painting of your dreams!

  • You have a blank wall and want something that reflects you but that isn’t a mirror

There’s nothing more thrilling than coming across a piece of original art, something that really speaks to you, and being able to take it home , hang it in that empty wall space, admire it and know that its yours forever… usually this is where people place a large mirror 😉

  • You feel connected to the arts in some way and are inspired by others creativity

You often find yourself surrounded by artists of some kind, visiting art fairs and exhibitions because it makes you feel inspired to see the strange and wonderful things people are creating. Support your favorite artists and be inspired by their work every day by hanging something original on your wall!

  • You want something one of a kind that is not a print or copy

There is nothing like having the original when it comes to art. Not only is an original oil painting the only one of its kind, but trust me when I say it smells amazing (wood,canvas and oil paint combined have the most suburb fragrance) looks amazing (the colours and textures are brighter and more vibrant than prints). Investing in original art is just that, an investment. Original art is something of value that will not depreciate over time (like your computer or car).

  • You want to improve your quality of life at home

It’s scientifically proven that being surrounded by images you find pleasing or inspiring improves your mood and makes you have a better day! Human guinea pigs underwent brain scans whilst looking at art. “The artworks they considered most beautiful increased blood flow in a certain part of the brain by as much as 10 per cent – the equivalent to gazing at a loved one” Robert Mendick. Read the short article here.

  • You want to express your individuality

Because art is one of a kind, owning an original piece of art that really speaks to you personally will naturally express your own individuality:)

  • You want to snazzy up your place and make guests go WOW

Okay, probably not the first thing on your list but what a feeling when someone expresses delight when seeing your place for the first time and gasping with awe and surprise when they see a beautiful piece of original art hanging on your wall:)

  • You want to feel connected to your environment

Sometimes you look at original art and you may not even know why you like it but you feel connected to it in some personal way, like the artist made it just for you!

  • You want to engage your friends and guests in interesting conversation

Even “modern art” that consists of meaningless splatters of paint can spark conversation. Now imagine having a piece of original art that is totally unique and chosen by you for its beauty, strangeness or subject matter. This is such an interesting way to get to know people or share something unique to you with the world (or at least friends and guests that come into your home or space)

  • You want to support a soul whose total love is make you wonderful pictures to beautify your environment

Buying a piece of art is not just buying a piece of art. You are investing in a person, an artist, whose soul love is to create amazing original art. Not only that but you are also buying a piece of the actual artist, of their time, research, sweat and sometimes tears:)


So go out and find some beautiful original art to fill your home with!

much love

your artist

Jessica Ballantyne




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