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Back in the Studio! The Importance of Circles for Restless Monks


Back in the Studio!

The Importance of Circles for Restless Monks

It feels really good being back in the studio and getting back into the swing of things (yes it takes me about two weeks!!). But I am fired up and really enjoying myself in the studio. I finished “Restless Monk #3 yesterday and started Restless Monk #4, the second biggest circular canvas I made for this series, measuring 75cm.




These paintings in the Restless monk series are an exploration of self contemplation. They are all made whilst listening to satsungs from Mooji. One can say I’m absorbed both in the act of listening and painting at the same time.

Working from drawn plans of the images allows me not to have to think too much about proportion and shading, I can just paint from the drawings I have already made, this frees up my attention to listen.

There is a tension between my thoughts and the act of listening at times and I feel this tension is reflected in the act of meditation as well, where thoughts and “no thought” seemingly collide and is present in the work where the figures are seemingly in the act of meditation yet have marks of discomfort/tension in their faces or body language , see monk #1 and #2 below.





The series will be made up of circular canvases of different sizes that I have made with the assistance of my cunning linguist 😉 . I have chosen the circle because not only because it spiritual associations of wholeness and perfection but also for its mathematical and biological significance.

I have long been interested in sacred geometry and the flower of life is one of the most significant (being seen in many ancient ruins all over the world). It is said to contain the knowledge of the entire universe and its how we all begin when an egg gets fertilised:). I often link the flower of life to the idea of enlightenment and peace.

The sizes will be mismatched and as the monks begin to change and grow from canvas to canvas, some exciting things will begin to happen to their bodies, so keep a look out!

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