How to “Get Out There” as an Artist

How to “Get Out There” as an Artist

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As an artist its important to get your work “out there”. I have been creating work on a full time basis since September 2012, when I moved into a beautiful studio space at Second Floor Studios and arts in London. It has been a bit of struggle in terms of seeing myself as a “full time artist” and in terms of money. The words explain it all really, it IS full time. If your intention is to become a full time artist, it has to become your full time job and you have to treat it like a business.  You just need some patience, perseverance, knowledge (or access to it eg :internet) and a SCHEDULE- which was the most important one for me and the one I’m just beginning to grasp on my path to being a successful full time artist.

Being an artist means you have to create work and then get it out there. Getting your work out there could mean various forms of sharing your work like;

  • physical exhibitions
  • updating your website with good images and blog posts
  • social media sharing

It will also mean actively engaging with your fans and people in your industry by

  • going to exhibition openings and speaking to people
  • commenting on blogs relating to your topic
  • attending events or salons (I went to a feminist one once and met tons of interesting artists, it was informal and pleasant, and I’m pretty shy so if I can do it, anyone can)
  • using social media to comment and engage with your fans and other artists

Galleries are great but the amazing thing about technology is that it allows us as artists to cut out the middle man and go straight to our collectors and future collectors.

So we can give them a custom experience for less money and focus all our energy on giving them an inspiring experience with art they love! But to get to this point they have to find you first! And how they will do that is by you “getting out there”

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