Art Auction!

Art Auction!

I know many of my friends and fans love art but can’t afford it. So this is an experiment for them.  I have here two original oil paintings in the theme of eroticism, fetish and voyeurism up for auction. These two are part of a series of body and lace paintings I did in 2010 and were the first canvases I used spray paint on as opposed to using the lace as a stencil for oil paint.

They are quite sensual and the lace patterning is very fine and detailed. The colours are rather vibrant and really compliment one another, hence me selling them as a set. They were originally £250 each but here bidding starts at £10 for the two!

The one portrays feet, the other, hands, both in seemingly aroused/erotic positions:)

I am using Facebook to carry out this art auction so please pop over to my page to check it out if you are interested. Bidding ends on Sunday 12 Jan 2014 at 10pm UK time! All bids must be in the comments on the page.

art auction, affordable art for sale, cheap art, erotc art, lace, flowers, feminism, oil painting, painted feet, painted hands, spray paint on canvas, pink, peach, orange, blue, green, transparent, sensual


See how it goes on my Facebook page here


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