Blogging Challenge 2014

Blogging Challenge 2014

I am being brave and trying to improve my blogging skills, so I have decided to take part in Hubspots 30 day blogging challenge! Please feel free to show your support by commenting on how cool or how shite you think my blogs are, I plan on writing one a day or at least five a week!

This is officially my second blog for the challenge so I’ll talk a bit about how great blogs are for artists and how people do actually find you through your blogs! I have a little story. My studio is a spacious room at Second floor Studios and Arts (there are around 300 artists and craft people working there at the moment).

One of the people in my unit (unit 4) said he was struggling with the idea of being an artist and wanted to know what an artist was, what it meant to be an artist…I wish I could say that my blog inspired him because he has inspired me to some degree! But sadly no, my blog was about the first steps you can take as an artists leaving university and he was searching for what it means to be an artist. He said he found my artist blog but unfortunately it did not answer his question, I told him that only he could answer that question…the end

The point of the story is that he found my artist blog and didn’t even realise it was my website until he saw my name (and looked at my bio picture)! Pretty amazing stuff (well I thought it was). People do look at these things, I mean there are billions of people in the world and loads of them are surfing the net looking for interesting or useful things. So if you are an artist, musician, whatever, start blogging about what inspires you, your processes, news, information or just your pet cat. Better yet join the challenge with me 😉

looking forward to hearing those opinions;)

here is a really freaky x-mas present I got from my brother…I love it!

Jessica Ballantyne, freaky purse,

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