Surreal Erotic Oil Painting on Surfboard

Oil on Surfboard!


I was chilling in Cultivate Evolved (one of my new permanent exhibition spaces) and whilst chatting to Sean Worrall (also part of the team) I was suddenly inspired. He works in a street art, tag style, layering up on interesting surfaces one of which was a skateboard. It got me thinking as to other interesting surfaces and shapes I can integrate with my own medium, oil painting . At the moment I’m working on circular canvases depicting “Restless Monks” a series inspired by a guru, Mooji and based on my experience on a silent retreat with him in Portugal.

So I was looking at the skateboard and thinking how cool it is to paint on interesting surfaces and it struck me that my partner in crime has two unused surfboards, gathering dust and creatures in the loft! So of course I got him to get them out and I have started preparing them for oil paint.

At first I wasn’t sure if oil paint would work on such a surface, but this is what I did: I first lightly sanded the board, wiped it down and put three coats of acrylic gesso (the same used to prime canvas  for oil paint). So it should work, I’ll keep you posted on the process!

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This is the image I will adopt for the piece, I will be adding lots of bright greens, reds,and purples to the mix. I was playing around in Photoshop looking at what different colour combinations I can do.

I will probably have to change the image slightly and may crop it. I want this piece to bring a surreal, erotic summer to wherever its placed!

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Here is my surfboard that I have primed (a couple more layers still to go!)


So this is something new and I am excited to try it out!

What is the coolest/ strangest surface you have seen or made art on?


Please share below and sign up to my art letter to see the finished surfboard art !


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