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Surreal Portrait Commissions


 Surreal Portrait Commissions

I am opening up commissions for Surreal Portraits!

I really love doing paintings for other people, there’s just something about making something especially for someone else that seems to make the work better and more enjoyable. It’s special and totally unique for that person.

In my opinion, painted portraits should show something of the essence of the person being painted. Because the artist is important in the whole interpretation, the artists essence also becomes intertwined with the portrait of the sitter. This is why it is so important to chose an artist you really like and admire if you are thinking about having your portrait painted.

I have done very few portraits of other people, in fact I can count on my one hand, I have however done a few of myself over the years, here are some of the first portraits I ever did:

During my teenage years, self portraits (and art in general) were a way for me to express a tumultuous inner world of thoughts and feelings. Art was a way to converge negative emotion into something constructive and beautiful. Portraits can give one a renewed sense of purpose and peace as well as being a space to reinvent oneself. It’s a frozen picture of you in time, painted with patience and a love of the medium.


As I grew older, my art not only became a valuable form of personal expression, but also a way for me to communicate complex and layered ideas and feelings about being human, being a woman and occupying a body that by itself can have so many meanings and taboos.


If I were to paint your portrait I would want to understand what kind of feeling you want to portray, be it peaceful, strong, serious or dreamy. I would need to spend some time talking to you about what kind of tone and imagery you would be interested in, as well as a photo or sketching session to get all the right reference pictures before I begin. Alternatively if you already have a photo of yourself that you want to use that will be perfectly fine. Contact me via the contact page for details and pricing.


Here is a portrait I did of my previous partner, I painted this to take part in a portrait competition (I didn’t win unfortunately ;P)

So now I am opening up myself to doing some surreal portrait commissions and I am excited to announce that I am currently working on one already!:) For more information and prices contact me via the contact page.

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