Pink Exhibition at Cultivate Gallery in London

Pink Exhibition at Cultivate Gallery, London


I finally got to go see the exhibition I was part of ( I missed the opening due to a traffic jam; a fire alarm went off in a tunnel on the highway….not fun).

Vyner street has a wealth of galleries and on visiting the Pink show at Cultivate gallery in London, I also got the chance to see some other interesting art in Hada Contemporary (specialising in showing Asian and Korean artists) as well as Degree Art (showing the work of artist in residence, Louise McNaught).

I really liked Louise McNaught’s work. It explores the concept of “Animals asĀ  Deities”. It’s her work below:


Jessica ballantyne artist, Louise McNaught exhibition


Back to Cultivate gallery, the theme for the art exhibition was pink and I just happened to be working on pink oil paintings dealing with the erotic and subjectivity in female sexuality. They are indeed very pink and I used luminous spray paint in some areas to accentuate parts of the lace. The lace patterning was achieved by painting oil over the lace, using it as a stencil.

If people want to know if it’s my body I am painting , I will say yes and no. I don’t think any more explanation is needed, not at this point anyway ;P (apparently that’s what some people were asking on the opening night)

Here are the oil paintings that I had on show and a couple of pictures I took of the inside of Cultivate Gallery while I was there. It’s actually a really lovely space with really friendly people. That is what’s so great about Cultivate gallery on Vyner street, it’s run by artists for artists as they say!


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So even though I missed the opening, I think that the arrangement and the art on show was terrific! Well done to the other artists and a big thank you to the Cultivate team for putting so much of their time and effort into it!:) I also walked away with one of Sean Worrall’s spray painted pieces:)


Sean Worrall, pink exhibition, cultivate gallery, Jessica Ballantyne artist


So that was my weekend as well as a day in the park. The sun is shining here in London:)





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