Erotic Art Exhibition

Erotic Art Exhibition at Artstyle Gallery


I just wanted to share my newest work with you! This piece, along with a few others, is being exhibited in an Erotic Art exhibition at ArtStyle Gallery in Orpington, Kent.

I have recently gotten my taste for lace back (I used a lot of lace patterning at university). I like it not only because of its feminine aspect but also because the patterning effect it has on my painted nude bodies. In most cases I use lace as a stencil, adding paint over it onto the painting, or using it as a sponge to take paint off, leaving the pattern in the oil paint behind.

In this case the angle is a very close, intimate view of the body that can be seen as either submissive or dominating, depending on how you look at it.

I also wanted to comment on personal boundaries relating to the body and how easy it is to look at someone as an empty object, devoid of personality. The body acts as a vessel for something that remains unseen. This unseen for me is the presence that I want all my work to have or point to… soooo here it is

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The expo runs until 3rd of August


                          OPENING TIMES: TUES-SAT 9-5.30PM

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