Ideologies of Beauty: Pink, a triptych

I am very excited to announce….

Upcoming Exhibition, PINK at Cultivate Gallery!


Super duper excited to announce my participation in the group show, PINK! The eclectic mix of artists are exhibiting work in the theme of pink. I jumped into this opportunity as I happened to be working on 4 pink oil paintings, dealing with somewhat feminist themes of gaze, beauty, subjectivity and sensuality.


I am interested in art that communicates sexual subjectivity . Based on the response I have gotten for this triptych I can gather that I have created a piece that is “easy on the eyes” or that “smells good” so to speak ( I was told once by a lecturer that some people will not like certain work because of the visual smell, what made this even funnier at the time was that we were looking at one of my paintings called “All Legs and Ass” ;).


Ideologies of beauty as well as accessibility come into play here. Pink nipples and curvy bodies have throughout art and history been considered more beautiful and feminine. I chose very close up subjective angles (basically a view only a woman would have of herself) and I chose pinks and magentas as the primary colours.


The unfocused images and the colours not only serve as a sign of femininity and softness but also play with the idea of  stereotypes of beauty and sexual innocence . The blurriness and strong angles also restrict what the viewer can see of the body. This and the lace pattern layers hint at voyeurism and accessibility vs inaccessibility of the female nude body.



pink, pink painting, nude, erotic, sensual, female body, original oil painting, contemporary art, feminist art, lace, fleshy painting, close up, blurred body, Jessica Ballantyne


What do you make of the colour pink? Please comment below!


It looks sooo much better in real life! Join me at the expo if you can!


I will be displaying this work for the first time at Cultivate Gallery on Vyner street, London.


Opening night: Thursday 4th July, 18:00 – 21:00
Then from: Friday 5th – 16th July, 2013



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