Body of Boobs, A Note About the Artwork

Body of Boobs, A Note About the Artwork


The following artwork was a total experiment that I so loved doing I wanted to tell you a bit more about it. I wanted to do something a little different, a little “wild”. We all are inhabiting our bodies and unfortunately most people are unhappy with one aspect or another. The following work is a kind of intimate self-portrait that not only comments on female subjectivity vs objectification but also how something such as a body part can lose it’s meaning when repeated over and over.


The Process

 This is probably the most intimately I have ever been involved with a painting as my own body was directly used in making it! I started with a sheet of glass, some water soluble paints and circular pieces of super absorbent paper.
I painted a wash over the glass and made an imprint with ….my boobs, ( or if you prefer breasts, bosoms, mammaries,  whatever you want to call them:>)

 This process of painting onto a smooth surface and then making a print is called monotyping, because only one print can be made each time as the pigment gets soaked up by the paper. The picture below shows the set up as I was experimenting!




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After making over 56 of these prints with my bosoms I can tell you I was more than a little stiff over the following week.  But I think it was well worth the effort :>

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Each circular booby print is a unique monotype  and all together, varnished on the painted canvas, make 56 individual prints. The pigments I used range in colour from warm fleshy tones to cooler deathly tones and all those in between. I plan on experimenting more with this concept and technique in the future but for now this is the only piece of its kind.


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2 thoughts on “Body of Boobs, A Note About the Artwork

  1. I really like this piece of work. This is an area I have thought about doing something similar but using the male appendage as the focal point in much the same way. (Different colours for each part of the anatomy should make it interesting). One day I’ll get round to doing it but at the moment, time and space is at a minimum.

    1. Wow thank you! Yes you should totally do it! It was a really rewarding experience:)Yeah you do need space to set it all up though..

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